Fried Halloumi and Beet  Salad

Fried Halloumi and Beet  Salad

This fried halloumi salad with beetroot is tender, crisp and nutritious! The light dijon mustard, vinegar, and olive oil dressing adds the perfect cherry on the top and brings all the flavors together perfectly.

Place all the dressing ingredients in a small bowl or a jar and shake/stir like crazy. Set aside and let chill.

 In a large bowl, mix the spinach leaves, half of the dressing, and red onions in a bowl.

Heat up a little cooking oil in a nonstick pan over medium heat. Add the halloumi slices (about a ¼-½ inch thick) and cook them until golden brown on both sides.

Gently mix to combine. Arrange other ingredients on a serving platter and add beetroots (I like to add a pinch of salt to the beetroot before serving), halloumi, and top with more dressing.

You can add a squeeze of citrus juice or a little lemon zest for a pleasing aroma and delicious flavors.

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