Potato Salad  Without Eggs


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Easy & Quick

Potato salad recipe (no eggs) - is an easy BBQ side dish loaded with potatoes, bacon, mustard olive oil-based vinaigrette without any eggs or mayo. This potato salad is light, very quick to make, and will be a perfect side dish for almost any main course. Perfect for parties.

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Step 1

– Heat up a medium pot with water, take it to a boil. – Add potatoes and cook until tender. Let them cool.

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Step 2

In a glass jar mix all the rest ingredients (except bacon and green onion, red onion), close the lid and give it a good shake.

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Step 3

In a large mixing bowl or serving bowl, add the potatoes, drizzle with dressing (add little by little until all the potatoes are covered, you may need less dressing, personal preference!)

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Step 4

Garnish with bacon slices, more onion, cracked black pepper and serve with your BBQ meats. Enjoy!

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