White Wine


It’s not only restaurant quality but also an easy one-pot pasta dish that everyone will love in your family. 

Chicken: dip each chicken breast into flour and spices mixture.

Ingredients: For Pasta – 8 oz of spaghetti or pasta (cooked and lightly salted) gluten-free if desired – 4 cups spinach – 2-3 tbsp vegetable oil for cooking (I use grapeseed)

Ingredients: For Chicken: chicken breasts paprika powder italian seasoning salt, pepper garlic powder gluten free flour

Ingredients: White Wine Parmesan Sauce butter tomatoes onion garlic scallions gluten free flour heavy cream white wine parmesan italian seasoning salt, pepper crushed red pepper flakes

Ingredients: Roasted Tomatoes for Garnish (optional step): cherry tomatoes]olive oil pepper, salt onion powder

Prepare the creamy  Italian sauce.

Add wine and more seasoning.

Toss the spinach and spaghetti in the creamy sauce.

Prepare oven-roasted  tomatoes

Return the chicken to the pasta and serve!

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